Monday, October 11, 2010

Little girl under the stars

The adolescent's gaze flits 
over the transforming canopy
seeking the evening’s first treasure
between the taunting shadows of pine needle and billowing cloud. 
“Star li---” 
The flickering light of a distant aircraft. 
Linus in the Pumpkin Patch earnestness keeps her searching 
sapphired skies 
“Starlights tarbright firstarIseetonightI wishImayIwishImightI getthewish 
Iwishtonight. . .” 
Sirius eyes her unwinkingly, 
sagely accepting the petition.
“whenIgrowup IwishIcould liveinabigcity.”
Her longing has flittered up in the darkness 
and she catches her breath
anxiously hoping...


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