Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can't seem to get the time

to blog, visit your blogs or do some of the other things I enjoy. Haven't been writing as much as I would like! (even though I have things I would like to be writing.)

view from Chief Mountain
Lots of reasons...
The Mt Evans Mastiff
Some good (busy with my little garden, climbing, enjoying hiking...)
Rocky Mountain National Park-- Ouzel Falls
 others not so good (new meds, migraines getting me down, friend sick)
Flowers growing beside rushing waters
But we just have to keep plugging along
Sunset on the way home (entrance to the highway)
 getting through the rough patches
Blue skies of Colorado
 and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us
Miniature rose Mo gave me for Mother's Day
 And that's part of the good that is going on.

View of the peaks on the way to the fall

Meeting new friends along the way
Little guy we met on our hike who was ready to shake hands

Cheers friends!


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