Monday, July 4, 2011

Must see Monster movie!!!

picture courtesy of wikipedia
Hiding in a Landmark theater masterfully disguised as a foreign film with subtitles and was a little advertised flick from Norway that was also... a monster movie!  We were in the mood for a movie and we hit the artsy theaters in the listings because we weren't in the mood to see one of the summer's many remakes. As we browsed the titles, what do we see but this one: 'The Troll Hunter'.

I will be honest and tell you that I wasn't in the mood for a monster movie or a horror-thriller flick as it is described but I know that many of you love them and this one... (in spite of my negativity) was quite enjoyable! Filmed as a mockumentary, a group of students set out after a supposed bear poacher. In the process of trying to get an interview with the law breaker they follow him into the woods where they quickly learn the bear killer is involved in a government cover-up on a much larger (and scarier!) problem: trolls. And trolls that are out of control (for reasons we learn much later on). Allowed to follow along (as long as they aren't christian, as trolls have an affinity for christian blood) to document the troll hunter's exploits the students have to wash off their human scent and put on troll grease so that they won't be recognized in order to tag along. Reluctantly they do so but their unctuous appearances pay off. They are quickly rewarded with the appearance of a huge three-headed troll!

Filmed in the gorgeous forests and mountains of western Norway, the scenery is as magnificent as the Trolls are malodorous (and apparently they are quite fetid!), this film definitely goes down as one of my all time favorite monster films!Check it out now before it leaves theaters (hopefully you can find in a theater near you- it hit US theaters June 10) and is completely ruined by a remake! There are rumors!!! (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)


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