Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How many more do I need to join???

So I got this email today... Hello, someone liked your blog at http://conch-to-be.blogspot.com and sent you an invitation to http://purebloggers.com . Pure Bloggers is a social-network for bloggers and companies. Need more traffic? Want to sell Bannerspace or links? Offer services at your blog? Want to get more readers? Or just share experiences with other bloggers? Get in touch with 1000s of Companies and Bloggers! http://purebloggers.com is the right place for you. Sign up for free now and join the biggest blogger and companies network!
 Have you gotten it? If so, (or even if not) why do I want it or care? I mean yet ANOTHER social network? I joined bloggers networking thingy sometime ago and the "friends" I make there are not even visiting my real blog! I am on Twitter and have a LinkedIn account. What does that do for me? I have friends on Goodreads (which fortunately has the benefit of helping me keep track of my library although I should enter more of them) But what is the point? To get me to sign up for more stuff so that more companies can track whatever I am interested in or buying?? I don't buy (haha! I don't buy it!) that it's connecting me to more readers anymore. I don't think if I add Facebook to my list of "I-should-have-my-smiling-face-here-too!" websites that I'll be that much more connected to the outside world. I'm fine with my 218 friends social networking here in my little corner of the world Companies-who-just-want-to-sell-me-more-stuff-I-don't-need. I'm just fine! Now leave me A-Lone.
Now here's a picture to remind me of what's good and lovely in the world.
And it don't cost a thing.  


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