Monday, January 26, 2009

For example...

In an article in the New York Times,
the author pats Obama on the back for directing federal regulators to move quickly on applications that have been submitted by California and thirteen other states to set strict automobile emission and fuel efficiency standards. Once again, this is fine but in a few paragraphs later he admits, "it stops short of flatly ordering the Bush decision reversed, the agency’s regulators are now widely expected to do so after completing a formal review process."

He should be flatly changing... putting the breaks on... reversing... running away from Bush policies. They have been tried and have proven themselves to be a disaster. There should be no compromise and he should act immediately-- retroactively. And we should expect him to. The reason he won't (other than that he just may not want to)is simply because he doesn't want to hurt big business-- but on matters like the environment we cannot afford to poke around. Our environment is in peril.

Change NOW!!!!

Big business's interests should not come first!!!

here's a Tom Toles strip that hits the mark

Final thoughts

Having finished the final pages of Frank's book and spent time digesting the entirety of what he is saying, he is really sounding the alarm. There will be no change, beyond tummy tuck type changes if we ourselves do not bring it about. People in power do not change willingly. It is a fact of history. In other countries, it has led to war. We can "negotiate" and centricize ourselves into oblivion or we can stand up and say enough is enough! We want our air to be clean (so we need regulations that force corporations to clean up their acts-- which also means they HAVE to be enforced by the government). We want the ability to make a living from our jobs (worker protections-- which means support for unions and worker organizations-), the same kind of fair redistribution of wealth that was available in the 50s-70s. In short, we want a system that does not stack the decks against us and enable the wealthy to keep getting wealthier while we get poorer and poorer!! Time for change- real change.

Force the Obama administration to keep it's promises- don't let the mainstream media fool you into believing that we are making radical changes. Be aware! Educate yourself! Fight back!!!


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