Sunday, August 16, 2009


Shadows of darkened buildings reach across the street, clutching the byproduct of the sun’s golden strands and pulling it into its famished jaws, melting the night’s lustrous sheen into solidarity with the night. A shard of laughter trumpets into the night, the night crowers as familiar to the town as the feathered braggarts that stroll the streets as confidently as… The door clicks behind her and stillness as solid as the shadow causes her to pause into the night’s trepidation. She stumbles onto a still-lifed street, veering away from contact with the nightcrawlers that give the city for a reputation that rivals this big Apples, Easies, and O’sies and her ankles quiver uncertainly, hinting at alcoholic influences. She reaches a battered two-door and leans heavily on grime frosted side panels, pausing for an uncertain moment.


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