Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We need the public option!

It's clear that we're not going to get the healthcare reform that we need unless we force our legislators to do what is right. Progressive groups all over the country are fighting hard but they need the people to speak up. There are a few bills floating around Washington that have a public option but they are being shoved aside because the White House (a.k.a. Barack Obama- NOT George Bush surprisingly)made a deal with Big Pharma and the insurance companies (see Robert Reich's blog for more information. His link is in list of blogs that I follow.) It's criminal and we should all be outraged. This is what Obama ran on and he sold out on the issue before it even came to committee!

It's time for our government to do what is right for the PEOPLE not just for the corporations. Sign Howard Dean's petition today to add your voice to the call demanding that politicians do the right thing for the American people-- for once!


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