Sunday, October 7, 2012

real life

this DVD wouldn't scan the other ones
found this book on the shelf, it's published by the
Thank you
I am over 90 years old imagine me running around
Would you renew all my
you're looking pretty good for a
print up a slip
it wasn't in the system
I was traveling around
in the computer, we didn't have it
I don't know how many times I saw things tha
can I help
you need to look for that, I returned it
those items at home, I'll bring them
check again. I returned 
renewed these, the others wouldn't
well I keep very good track of my
they had holds
did you renew 
you're going to have to let me get back to work
they wouldn't renew, there might be fines
you have a good even
you too 
have any music by Sting
I can check
from now on you're going to need to get a receipt and we'll go over it to
or Vince Gill
I'm sorry I was rude
I'd also like to know if you
time to go home
you'll need to check out
have a book about an Octopus
there are just a few minutes before
child or adult?
I'm signing out
thank you, have a nice evening
I can show you
that would be nice
locking the door
shutting down the computer
it's snowing again


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