Saturday, October 4, 2008

on politics

Tonight at BnN a co-worker was defending her support of McCain. I wasn't terribly interested in the argument she posed but it was a familiar one. In essence she still believes the lies of the republicans- that they are the party that will trim back big government and cut spending. I could have handed her book after book to the contrary, but she does work in a bookstore and sees the books all the time. She is not likely to read them, nor consider the evidence they put forth.

If you are poor (and as a BnN employee- even as a manager she is not making that much money) then why do you still believe these lies that the republicans are going to-- well, do anything they say they are going to do? I think it all comes down to people wanting to believe that they can be one of the 1% and they want to keep a party in power that they perceive will get them there. Meanwhile the rich just keep getting richer and richer...

Say! and how bout that 700 billion bailout?!?! I guess they can put the gun down now. They got what they wanted.

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