Friday, January 30, 2009

more Key West

the show this time (again)

Meet Savannah:
Gumbo - Savannah! Savannah, what you doin' here this hour?

Savannah - Seems a certain royal prince doesn't have a whole lotta stayin' power.

Gumbo - Oh, you done been out on that prince's yacht!

JoJo - So how much he pay ya?

Savannah - Thousand dollars.

Gumbo - Oooh! For one hour's work?

Savannah - Five minutes work!

JoJo - I heard that! If I ever get a chance to be with you it gon' be over in one minute. Never have enough money to afford you, though.

Savannah - When's your birthday, baby?

JoJo - August 19th.

Savannah - I'll keep that date in mind.

Savannah - Alright, I'm outta here. Got a cherry waitin' in the morning – gotta keep my strength up. Oh my! Who are you?

JoJo - New newspaper reporter person.

Savannah - A writer?

Seamus - Yeah... somedays... sort of... no.

Savannah - Having a little trouble getting that first novel between the covers?

Seamus - How'd you know?

Savannah - You've come to the right place, you pretty thing. It's magic here. There are Angels in the Spray, Wizards in the Palm Trees, and Elves in the Sea Shells, and they all look very favorably on struggling young writers.

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