Thursday, October 22, 2009

Politics today...

Where to get the latest political information: Robert Reich's blog... remember him? He was Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration and now teaches at the University of California ( Another is Paul Krugman's "The Conscience of a Liberal" at His blogs can be highly technical when he is writing on economics, but I wade through it nevertheless because he is an expert on the field and I am still learning. For news: The Huffington Post website. Huffington hits the nail on the head with nearly every blow. And Firedoglake is walking the edge where progressive politics are concerned And of course The Onion ( is always on the cutting edge of the latest in news and have their own special slant.

The internet is a wonderful thing as long as you are discerning about who you are listening to. If you don't, it's a deep and abyssmal pond of murky, scum-filled waters.

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