Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Summer

So of an evening when we go out for a walk we are fortunate enough to have some pretty good views not very far from our front door.
In fact, at the middle school, just three blocks down we can sit on a picnic table and watch the sunset and the dramatic cloud formations and as on this lucky night spot a rainbow....

 We are not so naive to go completely nuts as does the Rainbow Dude on YouTube (Message to Rainbow Dude: Dude, get a life and get out in the world. There are many wonders in the world and you should have seen fantastic double rainbows long before you were thirty-something) but it is always lovely to get a picture of one and you are never too old to appreciate the beauty of nature.
Sometimes while we sit, we talk over the state of the world (if we're feeling dark and broody-that's usually when I am more talkative). 
or literature and art, travel and dreaming (if we're feeling light and dreamy -that's when Mo is more talkative).
 The sunset comes quickly here- blanketed behind the Rocky Mountains without the lingering luster one might see on the plains. But Apollo's chariot makes his final moments on a Colorado sky brilliant nonetheless with a finale that can leave one quite breathless. 
Tossing light about in such a way that the clouds appear not to know what to do with the abundance.
The darkness will not be denied, unfortunately...
and for one such as I, who used to call herself a sun worshipper, I sadly walk home again glad that the night is generally shorter than the daylight except for those terrible days of winter when the sun is up just 8 hours of the day. Days that are coming along way too quickly for my taste.

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