Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is your perspective?

It is amazing how perspective changes things: Tall and lithe, a living breathing tree among mammals, the giraffe is bending down to look at the world under his feet. 
But step back and allow the camera to put this statuesque creature in his proper context, and the towering giant becomes a bantam baby standing next to another stunted sibling just older than him/herself- both standing next to a tree that is often the feeding post of the older and taller clan. 
It's all about your frame of reference. 


  1. Loved this! And not only because I love giraffes (which is why Rayna up there sent me here), but because the imagery (as well as the images) is beautiful. It really IS all about perspective. Thanks for reminding me of that on a cold, bleak, Tuesday morning (or should I say "at least it's not Monday"?)

  2. Of course, that is just my perspective. To most people this is a cold, bleak WEDNESDAY morning...

  3. I loved this post, from showing the close up to the "big picture." Excellent!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! It was a fun picture to take-- the idea of perspective is important in writing and particularly important in what I am working on right now so having it so visual here on my blog is cool.

  5. Wonderful post on perspective... that's why life is so unique for each one of us.


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