Saturday, November 27, 2010


If you read the entry for today the moment it posted, you might have seen a picture of KMart, saw a quick post on Black Friday and a bit about what I am planning on buying my son. But then I visited 'Coffee Rings Everywhere' and read Rayna's post "You are what you decide to be" and got a bit of inspiration and thought I might put my response to her story here.

Some years ago I was at an author reading with a friend and we were standing around waiting for the event to begin when some of her friends from work walked up. I was taking a few classes and taking care of kids at home but I had begun writing and had begun to "find my voice." When she introduced me, her friends said, "What do you do?" (an uncommon incident among women) I didn't even breathe before I opened my mouth and said with confidence I didn't know I had, "I'm a writer." Did you just say that?  My internal voice went into full blown diatribe. I did.  You haven't even gotten a check yet! I have for nonfiction. You haven't even finished what you're writing. I write everyday....

And on it went for some moments until I calmed the little nagging voice that wanted me to doubt that I could write and that there was some line you had to cross in order to call yourself a writer... I was a writer and whatever I had to do in order to be a good writer, well it would be done.

So thanks once again, Rayna!


  1. I work for the city. I am a dog walker.

  2. You aspire to great heights sir!

  3. love this. in that brave moment, your inner self was telling the world what it always knew....

  4. It is so wonderful when things pan out that way, isn't it?

  5. That was only the middle of the story-- of course. Things were much more complicated as you know. But I knew then who I was and what I needed to do and be. It was quite a moment.


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