Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tradition

Each year on the day after Thanksgiving our family sets out on a treasure hunt that has been anticipated for some weeks. Our route has been scouted and plotted and planned...    
But! before we set off, it will require some sustenance, on this hunt for the rarest of finds. So before we head off, we set off for breakfast at our annual feast at The Inn of the Village (otherwise known by the Hip and Happening Set VI and to those of us who've know it for a while, Village Inn.)  

We fill ourselves with our favs knowing that they day will be long and there won't be food between then and the time we complete our mission. 
And what is our mission you ask????

Well... full of vim and vigor, we're off to... 
Not! join the throngs in their shopping sprees and Black Friday extravaganzas! 
Indeed No! 
Our mission for the day is to find Christmas ornaments and not just any Christmas ornaments... but that special ONE  the one that says Christmas to us most of all.  
Our first stop each year is as traditional as our breakfast... 
Having heated their wassail and set out the cookies, the doors are wide open for our welcome. 
We help ourselves and head off, we wander through a dazzling Christmas tree display that would make Oscar Wilde drool with color coordinated glee. 
Not a limb has gone undazzled or a corner unglammered, it's a brilliant display of radiance, panache, and near Hollywoodesque Glitz. 
So we peer and we look, glancing over each limb for that just oh-so-special One.. 
A tuxedoed merman perhaps? No? Doesn't say Christmas to you this year??? Ah! Maybe next year...
This lovely little box with the Santa is delightful... 
Lit quite delicately from behind, a temptation perhaps, but we were really in search of ornaments not decor.  
Ah! A lovely little Christmas scene in a long glass on this red, white and clear tree.. oh, and look a polar bear ornament... Several candidates here!  
It is time to head on as we've many places to go, so if we're going to choose, it's time to choose now! Head back down the stairs and make some decisions. 
Will we find an ornament here at Le Grue's? Or will the chase continue elsewhere? Stay tuned! 

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  1. What a lovely idea! Here's hoping you found the perfect ornament.


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