Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An anniversary of sorts

Today is the anniversary of the show that has meant a great deal to Mo and I-- it is the show that he first saw in 1993 on this day (but I missed!) and which got him to first visit Key West. And because he loved it so much he shared it with me five years ago just after we started dating and several months later...
I was taking my first steps onto the island! (And the perfect time of year too, because it was February and that means there is always the potential for blizzard and 0 temps in Denver!)
We had a lovely time... (of course!) but the real meaning of the show has surpassed the visits to the island. It has been an inspiration for my writing and a cause for celebration of life! So on this the anniversary, I will share with you my favorite quote from the episode that aired on January 19, 1993...

Key West
The main character, Seamus O'Neill has come to Key West after winning the lottery to be a writer just like his favorite writer Ernest Hemingway. He is sitting in a bar when Jennifer Tilly, the main female character named Savannah arrives. She is the Moon Goddess personified. Sexuality incarnate. She sees Seamus and instantly sizes him up.
"A writer? Having a little trouble getting that first novel between the covers? ... You've come to the right place, you pretty thing. It's magic here. There are Angels in the Spray, Wizards in the Palm Trees, and Elves in the Sea Shells, and they all look very favorably on struggling young writers."
As you can see, she knew her island well. 

(More to come! I'll be posting a favorite Quote from an episode each week... so stay tuned!)


  1. Oh, that movie sounds perfect! I don't remember it but am now intrigued to rent it. Love both of those actors too. The guy is hilarious.

  2. Not rentable sadly. I have copies... I could loan you mine but that's about the only way to get it I think. I have people who have been trying to find this show for years contact me because I blog on it.

  3. What a great memory and celebration. Love that last shot!

  4. Thanks! Lots of blue skies there!!!

  5. I think it's available on uTube, but I'm not totally for sure on that.

  6. Happy Whisk: The first episode is and bits of one other... That's about it. If that's the only way to watch it, it's better than nothing but I'm happy to loan it out (for postage) or sell it to whoever wants it.


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