Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Award, The Blogging Community and my New Blog!

Not necessarily in that order..... but here we go!

I've posted a bit more on politics at Meanderings of a Wandering Mind - if you enjoy current events I'll be posting there at random times. Comments and suggestions are always WELCOME at either site!!!

I also want to thank Tara at Feel of Something New for awarding me with the Stylish Blogger award! It is always lovely to be recognized in such a way!

When I received the award on top of the others that I have received recently it reminded me that the blogging community is indeed a COMMUNITY. On our blogs we share our writing (which is often our most personal piece of ourselves, right? I mean we put our heart and souls into our writing!!!), our thoughts about writing, joys and sorrows about rejections, bits and pieces of our lives (so many cute kids out there! and Sara at The Unwrapping fell and had an embarrassing fall!) so we learn to know about each other though we may never meet each other face to face (though I have met a fellow blogger-- as mentioned before-- Conchscooter at Key West Diary was a terrific host when we traveled to Key West!) At any rate... As I read all your blogs (and I haven't been as active as I might have been as it has been crazy at work and I have been really busy trying to get things done and keep my own real Writing going) I have enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate the feedback I get from all of you which has been reflected in the awards so Thank you again!!!! 

Here is your moment of Zen... 


  1. Congrats on the award, Danette! I

    It seems to be a popular one this week. I received one myself yesterday.

    Every time I see your beautiful picture, I get homesick for Florida, especially when everything is cold and white outside my windows.

    Have a great day....


  2. You commented on my post that you would like to see a Joshua tree some day. I would love to see this lighthouse on your header photo.

    What a beautiful award for a beautiful blog! Congratulations.

    I also love your "moment of Zen." I love palm trees, sand, and ocean. Such a soothing place to be (I have been there).

    Have a wonderful weekend. There's a lot of sadness around us, but there is also a lot of beauty.

  3. That moment of zen is just stunning!


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