Friday, January 28, 2011

Following your bliss

It's week two of the re-re-re-re-running of Mo and my favorite series Key West (isn't it a coincidence that I love Key West and the show is called Key West???... not so much!! :) Our hero, Seamus, has lost all his money and has spent some hilarious moments on the show trying to make a living at various careers at which he... well, bungles is too gentle a term. He is now in a quandary about what to do in order to fulfill his dream of being a writer and make a living while living on the same island that Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams (and other writers actually!) had gotten their creative juices from. After a visit to the recentering program with the town's sheriff, Cody tells Seamus about his vast experience in living a life of bliss wherein he became "a lion, manifested" while Seamus sits beside him, ostensibly meditating. But the sheriff realizes he can't live his life that way. They'd put him in a zoo. So he had to "learn how to do his karma dance with the physical thing." 

So my favorite quote is the one that has gotten me through the darker moments of my work related life in the past five to six years, like when I was working a second job at the local grocery store as a Courtesy Clerk (a.k.a. Bagger). I had to go out on some of the coldest nights of the year-- well, correction they were actually record cold temperatures that year--  to bring in the grocery carts... and I was already so tired and weary after having worked at my other job all day and I wondered why I was out there schlepping metal carts around on the pavement in between the poorly parked cars for people who were too lazy to even put them somewhere that I could get to easily... Why was I doing this again? I was often in tears (or had icicles on my cheeks that wanted to be tears) as I shoved the carts through the snow angrily. 

And the answer would inevitably come that I left my old life in order to be a writer. I NEEDED to be a writer--- and I couldn't be a writer and be on my own without money...I needed as Cody put it "The green energy" So...         
My favorite quote from the show for this week and the question to ponder...
“How do you live in this world and follow your bliss?"


  1. Gosh - that is a big question! I try to find my bliss in what I do - in the small beauties of life and content myself with what I have rather than be unhappy with what I don't have...

  2. Bliss. I'm rather stressed at the moment with my resolution to be happy this year, to find my bliss in the here and now. Seems I can't shake the idea that my bliss is "somewhere else"...this won't be easy, but I am determined to somehow find peace in 2011, whether it means becoming happy where I am, or finding a way to leave elsewhere.

    So they have a TV-series named Key West ? Funny I never knew that... I watch CSI Miami sometimes, and always get emotional, missing South Florida.

    Have a blissful weekend :)

  3. Lady Fi: You seem to find a lot of bliss in your photography (at least that is what I see...)

    Zella: Only you can find/follow your bliss. If you took Seamus's advise, he tells the dancer at the bar not to wait but to take a chance and follow her bliss, to do what she needs to do, go where she needs to go. I too long to be in south Florida... well, specifically Key West as you know. But the reality of Key West is not quite the same as the dream of Key West and it's good that I recognize that. I don't want to just live there and work two or three jobs. I would not be happy if I could not write and follow my bliss on the island. For some people, just being there is enough. I am not going to go as far as to advise you to move but I would advise you to FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. I lived my life doing what other people expected me to do and be. And the longer I put off doing and being who I needed to be the harder I made it for myself and the people I loved. It sounds like you need to take some time to find out what you really need to make your life one of bliss (and I am intentionally using bliss, not happiness here).


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