Friday, February 18, 2011

The Challenge & reaching 100 followers!

Today while I was busy writing my challenge I reached the big  
(WOOHOO!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!) If I had crept up to it more slowly, I'd have been prepared! There would be prizes and... champagne!!! But having so many terrific new followers from the Crusades has meant things have been going very quickly recently so I just really have time to say thank you to all of you and this looks to be a fun challenge!!!!


Reading today’s challenge
I was beset with a sudden urge to regurgitate
I’m supposed to tell
the dark meanderings of my soul
with nary a blade to defend myself?
And why, I pondered, would the tiniest rabbit,
care to know 
whether I obsess over puzzles
as they’re lying out on the table in their incompleteness
that I swoon over sunshine
as it gleams through my bedroom window
and delight in the fluttering descent
of snowflakes on the windowsill?
Who would believe
in the darkest recesses of their mind
that I might spar with Einstein
just to assure myself of my own mental acuity
all the while knowing
if I were to stand up on stage
I could be bereft of words,
a fuliguline sea duck looking more intelligent than I
as I stare helplessly 
into the SPOTLIGHT
But the years have not left me
completely wanting of words of wisdom
I am capable of offering 
an understanding or two 
for a friend caught
in frustration
But I shall bloviate no more
pontificate no longer,
especially as one of the things
which I have shared with you
isn’t strictly
can you guess which one?    


  1. I love this! The words are actually integrated pretty seamlessly, lol (which is saying a lot... fuliguline and bloviate are weird-ass words!)

  2. Great job! My guess is Einstein is the lie

  3. I'm always impressed by poetry, it's completely beyond me. Hmmm, I'd guess that the stage fright is the lie?

  4. Congrats on your 100... It is so exciting and it will only get better. The crusaders are ON THE LOOSE. lol

    Oooo, what can the lie be? Hmmm. I don't think you would obsess of puzzles.

    Have a great weekend, Danette.


  5. Hi, good job with the Challenge! You go, girl! Thanks for popping by my blog too, fellow crusader. :)

    (weird--how come I didn't see your link in my bloggy travels today? sorry I missed ya! I've remedied that now.)

  6. My uneducated guess is that you don't obsess over puzzles :D

  7. Brilliant, I have no idea what the lie is.

  8. Hi, Crusader :)

    You were kind enough to comment on my blog, so I'm returning the favour :D

    I don't think you spar with Einstein :)

    Awesome poem - I loved it! I am looking forward to reading more of your writing :D

  9. Einstein?

    Congrats on the followers! Fellow Crusader here! :)

  10. Congratulations on the 100+ Followers!

    My guess is you don't obsess over puzzles. But it's a guess--I really can't tell for sure!

  11. Congrats for 100 followers!
    And... I have absolutely no idea whatsoever which one is your lie!

  12. I love it. Great job and congrats on reaching 100 followers too. :)

  13. Congrads on the followers. Awesome! I'm a fellow crusader. Genuis post, btw. I'm thinking you don't spar with Einstein, unless it's one-sided. hehe

  14. I meant to tell you something when I was here before. I'm from your dream city. Yup. I'm a Keys gal, living in NC on a farm. I MISS MY HOME ISLAND TONS! Just thought I'd mention that. ;)

  15. Loved your poetic entry! I'm guessing you enjoy acting and are never stricken with stage fright.

    Happy weekend!

  16. No idea what the lie is. Very well put together. Happy Writing.

  17. Fantastic job on the challenge!!! I'm a follower now. :)

  18. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! I really enjoyed the format of your challenge post [s]

  19. Hmmm. Very believable. All of it!

    Great job!

    I'm going with the comments about Einstein.

  20. Well I refuse to believe that the fuliguline sea duck looks more intelligent than you even in the spotlight. Nice take on the Challenge. Really enjoyed it.

  21. That's the most creative one I've seen so far! Hi from a fellow Crusader :)

  22. Fun! Hmm, I bet you don't really spar with Einstein. I tend to just spar with myself;-)

  23. Wow! What an awesome post! I'm really not sure about the lie, but I'm going to guess Einstein!

  24. My fellow crusaders are so clever!
    Congrats on reaching the big 100.

    If I had to guess, I would say that you don't actually like snow.

  25. Too easy. It's the bloody #***!!#@**!@!* snow. And, please, no "Oh, but, bad weather builds character. Why back in my day most of us had to walk three miles or more to school each and every time it snowed, and then back home!" Please . . . anyone stupid enough to walk three miles(and to school!) in a snow storm twice a day doesn't need character . . . they need a brain.

  26. Hi there. It's hard to guess your mistruth. Perhaps somewhere between wrestling with Einstein and being at a loss for words. I doubt you are ever at a loss for words.

  27. Hey, I see you're a Rachel Maddow fan. Me too.

  28. Hello fellow crusader! I am a tad bit late, so I just thought I would just say Hi! :D

    Spar with Einstein, the lie?

  29. Really loved this Danette! No clue what you could be falsifying.

    Nice to meet you,


  30. I would say you don't obsess over puzzles? Nice poem!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Very well written and smooth. Excellent job, I'd guess the sparring with Einstein is the lie, but I wouldn't wager much on it.


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