Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Great Unknown

Death comes upon us unknown and unasked. It sneaks up on us and we face it, trembling and afraid, because there is no escape and there is no comfort for the darkness on the other side. Because no matter what your religion has told you, no matter what your faith declares, NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what awaits those who leave the light to face the great sleep. It is The Great Unknown.

And somehow, those we have lost are both gone from us forever and yet remain static in our minds walking as they did the last time we saw them, and their presence is so real that for years we will expect to see them waltz through the door, hear their laughter in the next room or trotting down the isle of the grocery store. Slowly the shadows of their faces may fade, yet the love we feel for them can revive the pain as vividly as the day they died.

In this week's episode of Key West, 'The Great Unknown'
Gumbo (Leland Crooke) is talking about the wife he lost ten year's earlier to friends who have come to help him get through it. As he goes through some of the treasured things of hers he had padlocked in a chest, he shares with his audience how deeply he loved and loves her still, how he misses her but how he recognizes the people there miss her also, he says, 
"I got to live for me and share the memory of you and you can live forever."* 

*in loving memory of Eric and my grandmother. 

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  1. I guess that is the blessing and burden of death - that we see them as they were and still expect to hear their laughter in the next room...

  2. Such a lovely way to remember someone and keep them alive, if only in memories. I don't think we ever really let any of our loved ones go.

  3. Lady Fi: It is a burden but one that I gladly bear rather than have them forgotten I think.

    Talei: I don't think we do. My friend Eric was killed when I was 18 (too many years to admit to!) and I still think of him and miss him...

  4. Those who have "moved on" are very near--literally. I know this!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comments about my honorable mention first paragraph.

    Have a day that's as lovely as the sentiments in this post, and as lovely as your blog! I get a peaceful feeling coming over here.


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