Friday, February 11, 2011

Too much Moonlight?

Life is best lived when we have passion for what we do and when there is passion in the relationships that we have. When our passions do not divide us, then we carry on mostly serene in the life that lies ahead. But for others, like Seamus, life has not dealt quite so clean a hand. Passions divide and severe them into fragmented beings. Finally a choice has to be made- and when the passion for one thing is so overwhelming that it distracts from all else then heartbreak will ensue.

When Laurel comes to Key West to "light back up the fires" of her relationship with her former lover, Seamus#, passion is aflame all over the island. For his part, Seamus is glad she's there but worries that he is unable to focus on his writing and is hesitant to drown himself in reunion. When finally Laurel proposes hearth and home with Seamus, he finds himself getting advice from Key West's high priced hooker, Savannah*, (who is really the Moon Goddess personified) under the tropical moonlight, who makes clear the problem,
"Passion has a price but it can't be bought. Passion is a stern master. If you live in it's house, you will be it's slave." ~Savannah  in 'Less Moonlight' episode 4 of 'Key West'
*Savannah played by Jennifer Tilly
#Seamus played by Fisher Stevens

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  1. Wow, I love passionate stories! I haven't heard of Less Moonlight but - Seamus getting advice from Key Wests high priced hooker who is a Moon Goddess? Clearly, this has my attention, I shall have to look it up now. ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend my dear!

  2. You can watch a clip of the first episode of 'Key West' on Youtube but other than that it's gone! There is plenty to find out about it though! Mostly at my other blog... lol.

  3. Totally intrigued! And I've always thought Jennifer Tilly was a cool actress.

  4. Liz: Jennifer Tilly is quite wonderful in this and I am not a terribly big fan of hers but really it's her best work!

  5. Passion is both wonderful and yet can be so painful too...

  6. Thanks for this post. Got me thinking about my passions, or lack thereof in my current life...and made me ramble extensively about it in my own blog. I guess you could say that you inspired me :)

  7. Lady Fi: Right as always! And thanks for stopping by.

    Zella: Fun to read your blog after you commented here!

  8. Passion is definitely good when we aim it at something we enjoy, something that's worthwhile. Less Moonlight does sound intriguing.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog about Twitter. The way you describe it definitely confirms my decision not to get involved, though as you say there are some useful things you can pick up from it. I just don't like the "fly by" activity on it. Blogger is more restful, and satisfying. I know a lot of people who are very passionate about Blogger, addicted, I think. That's not me, but I do like it.
    Ann Best, Author

  9. Ann, I agree. There are some people that are addicted to blogging, I think. They really like the daily audience. I like the contact that I make with bloggers but I am with you, it's not a need.


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