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Jeremy and Ellie are hosting the "Top Ten Horror/Science Fiction Movie Quotes Blog-fest." The rules are to count down your top ten most memorable lines from your favorite horror and science fiction movies. (ten of each or make your top ten a mix of both) And as I couldn't possibly come up with 10 lines from 10 horror flicks, I will have a line from 1 horror flick. The rest will be Science Fiction as that is what I have watched the most of! 
So... in the spirit of suspense and perhaps horror, let's start with number ten. 
10. "I never knew I had it in me."~C-3PO 'Return of the Jedi'
9. "I imagine, that right now you're feeling... a bit like Alice. Tumbling down the rabbit hole? Hmm?" ~Morpheus 'The Matrix'
8."Son, you may be the first person in human history ever to see writing from another world." ~Jesse Marcel 'Roswell: The UFO cover-up'
7. "Posada San Marsol. One of our much very best hotels!" ~Cabbie 'The Arrival'
6. "The energizer's bypassed like a Christmas tree, so don't give me too many bumps." ~Scotty 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
5. "Nice to smell you again, Mr. Kitz." ~Dr. Kent Clark 'Contact'
4."Maybe we should call in a bomb threat to Houston. I think it's free beer night at the Astrodome." ~Mulder 'The X-Files: Fight the Future'  
3. "Dammit, man! I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" ~Leonard 'Bones' McCoy 'Star Trek (2009) (How could you not love that he said that after all the times the original doc said it in the show???)

2."This is bone. This is so fucking bone." ~Joe 'Dog Soldiers'

1."Well, I suppose if I had wanted a safe life, I wouldn't have married a man who studies rocks." ~Betty Armstrong 'The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. 


  1. I love your list - so many classics. And every list should have at least one Star Trek quote!

    Thank you for taking part.

    Top Ten Movie Quotes Blogfest

  2. Well, you stumped me with the last one.

  3. That's the second quote I've seen from DOG SOILDERS. Such a buried gem of a movie! Kudo's!! :)

  4. Yay, I listed a quote from Contact, too. And from Bones too, of course.

    You are also the first one to list from the X-files, that i've read so far. Surprised!

  5. Very different list than what I have seen so far! I love it! I haven't seen SO MANY of those! Dog Soldiers?? Never heard of it but that cover looks crazy awesome!

  6. A really fine list. I loved the new Star Trek. Looking forward to the sequel.

  7. Dog Soldiers - so scary, cheap and good ;)
    You have some classic quotes from Star Wars and The Matrix as well as the very true to the spirit Star Trek 09 :)

  8. I didn't even think about X-Files! Bummer.

  9. Yay for Bones! I just loved the new movie. It's my "feel good movie" I can watch over and over (except I have to fast forward through the beginning, I cry every stinkin time)

  10. Only three I recognised here! My education is not yet complete... 'We're gonna need a bigger DVD collection!'

  11. I wasn't familiar with all of these. Might need to check them out.

  12. Nice list of quotes. I haven't seen all these though but that's what's great about this blogfest, I'm finding new stuff to watch.

  13. Cool, new ones. I don't think I've seen these anywhere else.


  14. i fell into the rabbit hole following the that white rabbit...

    Thank you for being part of this, it was a great time and success.
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  15. I am ashamed of myself for not using The X-Files. Great list. I must go flog myself.

  16. Thanks to everyone who dropped by! That a great time this was! And it was great fun checking out all of your quotes. I think I have a couple of movies to watch... like Serenity!

  17. Great list. Love me some Mulder and I totally forgot about Dog Soldiers.


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