Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bolder Boulder

A sunny spring day. The streets were aflurry of activity. People of all ilk have awoken from their winter blahs and are out and about.  
The Rubberband man and his bendable bones had his little assistants assisting in revealing how limber he really is. 
Musical instruments abound-- occasionally the sound that is heard is appealing and pleasant- other times? It's a lesson in what not to do on Pearl Street Mall unless you're desperately trying to drive people away. 
The Statueman shifts positions just in time to be not quite so statuesque
while the Busker enthralls with his dance of daring dos and do nots.
and the nimble hands of the musicmakers give off all the right vibes 
Just another beautiful Saturday in downtown Boulder, Colorado!


  1. Ah man, I love Boulder. Cool town, colorful folk :)

  2. That sounds a lot like downtown Victoria during the summer. I love the sights and sounds of all the street entertainment. Good for Boulder!

  3. Hi Jess! Boulder is a pretty cool town. Gotta love it!

    Botanist: It's hard to imagine any place on earth like Boulder- it's a world unto it's own but perhaps Victoria is. Got lots of potsmokers there too? :)

  4. Is Boulder the town that Jon Benet Ramsay originated from in that whole world famous kid murder thing?

  5. Hi Michael! Yup, The Jon Benet thing happened in Boulder. There's a bright spot!!! Parents moved pretty quickly and her mother died a few years ago. It sounds like they've reopened the case...

  6. Amazing place! Would love to visit it. Great pics :O)

  7. Such life in these photos! I was in Boulder a couple of years ago and LOVED it! Fun city.

  8. Great pics! Boulder looks fun and you guys are have hot spring too? Unusually for London, we had one too, I've been galavanting around the countryside, soaking up sunshine while I can.

    Have a lovely weekend! * clink *

  9. Mallory Square in the mountains...

  10. Madeleine:The best part of Boulder is that it's a great place to visit and it's not a typical tourist trap.

    Liz: Boulder is great. Love going there!

    Talei: We actually aren't have a particularly hot spring. This was the weekend we had a record hot temp on Sat and snow on Sunday!

    Michael: Other than the fantastic sunset and weather, Pearl Street is better than Mallory Square. It's longer, more spread out and family friendly. The shopping is also not geared toward tourist shopping. Although a bit on the high end there is lots of unique stuff that is fun to browse through. I found some great champagne glasses last time! Front Street would be great if it were modeled after Pearl Street!!!

  11. HI, Danette,

    I see your weather certainly has warmed up to a BEAUTIFUL day.

    What a wonderful town you live in. So picturesque.

    I'm glad I got such a lovely tour.

    Happy Easter.


  12. Totally looked like a fun day.


  13. What fun! I do love watching street artists!

  14. Michael: I sometimes wish I lived in Boulder but I don't. We were just visiting. It was a lovely day but the next day snow!

    Donna! Totally Fun!

    ladyfi: It was a lovely time all the way around!

  15. Wish I was there. We're on our fifth straight day of rain. The Ohio River is 10 feet above flood stage and rising. Many streets in Louisville are flooded and it's putting quite a damper on our Derby festival. They say four more inches before the sun finally makes an appearance on Thursday, but the weather looks beautiful where you are!

  16. Thanks for checking out my blog; I've just followed you (and fixed my follow button-hiding problem) and I have to say, I'm impressed. I especially like the pictures. I'll add you to my reading list!


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