Wednesday, July 13, 2011

...and waiting

I had my interview for the position of Lead clerk today (Wednesday). It went well according to the Senior who I work under (she told me at the end of the day- which was a little odd). 

However there are some reservations I have that I don't want to go into right now, so I am not ready to break out the champagne just yet. They will interview the rest of the candidates on Friday and then we'll hear some time next week, I suppose. The other job I was interviewing for... well, I cancelled that interview. As the time drew near, the situation didn't feel right so I decided to wait for this interview. If this one doesn't work out then I'll go to Plan B rather than start with Plan B. 

I'm also still waiting to hear from the Literary magazine that I submitted my piece to, although I am now at a place where I am about ready to contact them. I'm less hopeful about this than I was two weeks ago when I first mentioned it as I would think they would have contacted me by now... it could mean they aren't interested and just waiting to stuff it in the envelope and mail it back. (sigh.)
So more waiting.   
 But this is a lovely place to take a few deeps breaths.
(Update: There isn't any way to contact the Literary magazine via email- just snail mail, so I wait! Oh, the life of a writer!!!) 


  1. you know i had this kind of situation too. waiting for an interview. i just graduated last april 2011 and until now i still dont have a job. and everyone is expecting too much about me and it's kinda frustrating though.

    goodluck then!

  2. Waiting is SOOOO last season! hang in there. I look forward to hearing how all these things turn out.

  3. I hope you'll hear something soon, I know how frustrating it is just to wait, wait.... Doing that myself now too, again, as I've applied for couple of jobs. Oh, and also waiting for tomorrow's green card-lottery results !! :)

  4. I'm trying! Feeling particularly pessimistic today, not sure why. I just have a feeling they want to hire externally which means I am counted out not matter what qualifications I have for the job... *sigh*

  5. Don't give up hope yet on that magazine!

  6. I hope you get a double YES on both of those things Danette. That way your options are limitless :)

  7. That would be awesome... I wish I were feeling as positive as you do Michael. Thanks!!!

  8. Fingers crossed for both your ventures!


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