Monday, August 1, 2011

Mia Ammisione! or My Big Confession

As we nears summer's dogdays, (and while I realize that parts of Central U.S. are suffering under a heatwave, and not to be insensensitve, but...) I must say, I loathe to see it's end.

But perhaps I should explain or rather confess...

After all I have spent many posts (including my introduction) extolling the virtues of an island at "The End of the World!" Key West is indeed a glorious little island for many reasons, but Denver has it's own charms which I do often post about. But one of the best things about Denver (and Colorado!) is the summers. It does finally get hot enough for me and can even reach 100 degrees which will set most Coloradans abitterly complaining. They are usually cold weather folk and don't tolerate heat well. I on the other hand am smiling, turning cartwheels, or behaving in other obnoxiously pleasant ways because it's hot and sunny and I am glad!!! What's not to love? Tennis! Hiking! Swimming...

But here's the secret about Denver's great summers: By midnight the temperature here will have dropped nearly 30 degrees making the house a mostly liveable environment even if you don't have air condition (which I do not!) which means mornings are perfectly glorious! It's 12-1 O'Clock before the daytime temperatures really hit their peak and the heat is dry not humid which means that you aren't melting like a Popsicle the moment you walk out the door so the shade is quite pleasant. My back patio is the best place to be on my days off, especially if you throw in a few accessories like a Creme de Cassis (or champagne!), my writing, a book or a game of dominoes (care to join me?) and generally a light breeze is blowing which is all I need!! (yes I do still have a high tolerance to heat... well, DRY heat) 

Now here is my next confession: If the days are too incredibly hot and horrible (and sometimes they are. I get migraines if I try and exercise too vigorously in 90+ temps) then I can get in my car and drive to the mountains where I will find... 
A lovely Summer day in the 80s!!! 
(Don't hassle me about this come January when I am griping about the cold and snow because I WILL be griping about it!) So when can we expect you??? :)


  1. Ah - cool nights are essential for good sleep. Our house gets very hot in the summer as it's designed to keep the heat in...

  2. Ah, I feel like a popsicle right now, probably resemble one too. * melts* I think champers and cassis is a perfect for days like these! And how lucky are you to be able to drive to the mountains...? le sigh.

    Have a lovely week! * clink clink*

  3. I melted today... Chicago in the 90's and humid.... YUK! However, this summer isn't bothering me in the least. After six months of deep freeze, I'm loving it.

    I did get to spend March and April in central Florida, which was GLORIOUS. I hope to next year as well, but if all goes well I will be spending even more time there (fingers crossed)

    But the EXCITING news I will have the opportunity to visit KEY WEST....YAY! A friend is renting a house and my weekend is the third in January.... AH, I can't wait! I will certainly think of you, Danette.

  4. i nwever cease to be amazed by complaints of hot weather. Drought may be an issue, and rising sea levels my be an another , but hot weather is a gift from god. praise the lord.

  5. Lady Fi: Cook nights are essential. A fan in the window solves the problem of getting the cool air in, I find.

    Talei: Lucky indeed! The mountains are wonderful on those really hot days! We take them for granted... right up until we get up there and it's so much cooler!

    Michael: SOOOOOOO jealous! Take tons of pictures!

    Conchscooter: So you found Jesus! You can take the man/boy out of the Church but somehow it worms it's way back in like a virus over an open wound.


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