Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Trek Forever!

Ellie Garrett is hosting the "Star Trek Fest as We Know it Blogfest" which is great fun and I THANK HER!!! 
(click on the link at the bottom of the Borg pic to go to her blog and see the rest of the entries!)  

I am an old (old, I tell you!!!) Star Trek Fan. I love the original Star Trek and have many stories around Star Trek (and my youth which I will not bore you with). But... my favorite character may have to be Uhura although this was cemented after I saw her in person at the StarCon here in Denver (told you I was a fan!) here in Denver about 10 years ago.  She was an amazing story teller and kept us enrapt! Enrapt I tell you! But this story was the best! I could never do it justice... but, doing my best... in "Plato's StepChildren" there was supposed to be a kiss between Kirk and Ohura but the network people did not want the controversial kiss on the air. There was a moment in which someone (a writer? a producer? who knows!?!?!) had the idea to have Spock kiss Uhura. Shatner insisted that the script remain as it was. So NBC finally ordered that the scene be shot two ways- one where they kiss, one where they don't. As she told it however, Shatner bollocksed the scenes where they did not kiss so badly (he crossed his eyes in the final take in the most hilarious manner) that there was no choice but to use the one where they had kissed. Thus, Star Trek was the first show on network television to show an interracial kiss. 

I loved Scotty and enjoyed his drunken brawls. He seemed to revel in his drinking in a way I had never seen before. What a fun character. AND he could fix anything. I want to be like him at work!!! 

Adored Bones. Loved all the drama he brought to the set. I might start saying "I'm a circ clerk not a therapist, Jim." In a really intense voice like Bones did. Could be hilarious. 

And I don't know if I could choose between Spock and Captain Kirk... I love them both. Could anyone give inspiring speeches like Captain Kirk? I may have to make one for our next meeting "We must   reach the stars!" (I don't know... I better think about that one.) 

Favorite Episodes? The Cage, The Trouble with Tribbles, The Menagerie, The City on the Edge of Forever, and of course the one I already mention and then...  

My son was born during "Star Trek Deep Space Nine" so I guess I must mention that. It was "Sacrifice of Angels" I believe although I will admit to being a little bit out of it. I was a bit annoyed though when the doctor said, "Can someone turn that thing off?" I almost said, "No, It's a new episode of Star Trek!" I enjoyed "Deep Space Nine" more than "Generations" or "Voyager" and I never got into "Enterprise". 

But the original will always have my heart. 

In fact, I designed a poll before I signed up for the blogfest if you want to participate follow the link (the image below is just to let you know how it looks) and just click on YOUR FAVORITE ORIGINAL STAR TREK CHARACTER! It didn't work quite the way I wanted (wasn't something I could post to my blog, meh) But it was fun enough that I thought you might enjoy doing it anyway. So... click on the link and vote for one (I think) at the link below! (too bad a QR code won't work!)


  1. Ha! This was great! I just referenced Khan in a blog post last week. :-) Trekkies unite!

  2. i have boldly gone to many trek'd sites today...
    great love for the star trek universe.


  3. What did you think of the latest film? I enjoyed it -- really thought Abrams & Co. did a great job paying homage to the original series.

  4. Sacrifice of Angels was an awesome episode.

  5. You had Star Trek on when you were in labour? I bow down to your superior Trekkiness!

    Great choices!

  6. I had no idea I'd learn such interesting things about people during this fest. You are a true trekkie.

  7. Oh, I love Star Trek - the original and the newer ones.

  8. I've seen quite a few now that are hooked on Kirk and Uhura's first kiss...and it looks like the borg still rocks. Didn't seem like Kirk and even Picard always knew just what to say...the meaning of life to the last dot. :)

  9. You top the list, we had the Incredible Hulk on during my ex's labor. The Doctor seemed to like it. Love your likes.

  10. Elli & Hutch: On the labor story... I made the story brief actually. I'd already watched NG but it was a rerun and I had not been into it. I was actually kind of hoping to really watch DPN. The intensity of the labor was a surprise. I'd thought I could finish my show! My son was born about 6:15 I think (if I'm remembering correctly) just into the intro and I was thinking "if they'd left it on I could have at least caught the end" LOL. I was really out of it.

  11. I couldn't decide between Kirk & Spock either, which is why I chickened out and didn't name my favorite characters. Picking just 5 episodes was hard enough.

  12. Gosh, the originals are definitely the best. I like Spock, the banter between him and Capt. Kirk was always fun.

    Have a fab week! *lots of clinks*

  13. That's so cute you were in labor during an episode. Great story!

  14. Still can't believe the network protested the kissing scene. How far we've come since then!

  15. Great bests there! I tried to participate in your poll, but it's just an image, I can't vote. Or is it just me? :(

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  16. Go, Capt.Kirk! :) I'm glad he made the kissing scene a go. One of these days I'll have to Netflix all the original episodes. James T. was a little dishy back in his hey-day...

  17. A beautiful post, a greeting.

  18. Thanks for warping around the galaxy with us. I'm surprised by how many people have the original series first in their hearts, though maybe I shouldn't be. All the episodes you mention are really good.

    If you get a chance, check out a fellow writer's zombie story and help me make him wear an embarrassing shirt next year! It's the ultimate grudge match between social media and the zombies. Details are here:

  19. I'm not sure if I've already responded, but I really like your entry. I especially enjoyed your story about the Kirk and Uhura kiss.

  20. Hi, Danette. Great post. I love that story about the kiss. Very cool! I had never heard that before.
    Thanks for sharing.


  21. I loved the tribbles :) And the kiss in Step children. Awesome.

    Way cool choices.



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