Friday, September 9, 2011

A geek?

Maybe a bit...
The other day I was bemoaning the fact that my new red car doesn't have a CD player in it while my older car had at least a tape player in it (A tape player!?! I know, right?) And I said, I missed listening to Books on Tape like I used to, that I had listened to a whole series on Quantum Physics when I was doing research for 'Death and Politics at the End of the World.' My boss said, "Danette did you just hear yourself? *repeats sentence* I couldn't really fix it without sounding geeky and like a nerd. Sorry. Perhaps I should have gone into science and become a total nerd. Instead I've come at it late in life and incorporate bits and pieces in my writing. And now I am going to share it with you!!!
I came across this video on another blog but it was on YouTube and wanted to share it.

It features Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawkings, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, and the awesome brainiac Richard Feynman.
"The Quantum theory offers a very different explanation of our world" ~Michio Kaku 
Hope you enjoy the 'Symphony of Science'!!
"I've got to stop somewhere. I'll leave you something to imagine" ~Richard Feyman 
(That is where 'Death and Politics' steps in for me!)

Small update: Finally! heard from the literary journal. No go. Rejection letter finally came although I'd long ago given up on them. On to other things. I've got the "2011 Writer's Market" sitting in my lap and today I am having my belated Labor Day holiday! (WOOHOO) So after an INCREDIBLY rough personal week I plan to sit out in the beautiful Colorado sunshine (winter comes much to soon at this point!!!! I am cramming in the sunshine!) and getting some writing done and maybe treating myself to lunch out! 


  1. 1) Isn't the 2011 Writer's Market an uber expensive book? I subscribed to the online Writer's Market (much cheaper) and wouldn't do so again because Agentquery (free) is even better than Writer's Market. Go shall see.

    2) I think Michio Kaku is the Carl Sagan of modern times. I love listening to that guy.

    3) On Brian Cox...that English celebrity physicist is so hot...when one of his shows is on television...I'm riveted. He's handsome, has a great accent, and I imagine what he looks like with less on while he pronounces the word "astonishing" which he uses in every episode.

  2. Querytracker is also free and better than Writers Market.

    I have a few of Kaku's books and other trippy physics books. I met Alex Filippenko a few years ago when he did a lecture for the observatory. I don't think I would have gotten supersymmetry otherwise.

  3. Sorry about the reject, but I love the Morgan Freeman and Michio Kaku shout outs! I'm a geek/nerd/whatever and proudly say it! :)

  4. Enjoy the sun while you can!

    I adore science too - well, easy science for non-scientific people.

  5. Oh, I love this - how fab! I'm a total geek too! I know it. ;-)

    Keep writing, keep moving on your journey - one rejection is the end, right? We keep moving. I've not heard of writers market but I did register on querytracker - only, I've not put anything there as yet. Good luck dear lady! * clink clink*

  6. Le sigh, that should be *isn't"* - lordy - I need a tonic already xx

  7. Hi, Danette,

    Dropping into say hi....

    With all my driving cross country, I would die without my CD player to here my favorite books. So I can understand your dilemma.

    Science has always been my least favorite subject... the artist in me cries out for history, literature, and music.

  8. Hi All: Thanks I'll check out Query tracker although I have Writer's Market from the library and it costs me nothing! Even in fines. It's great!!

    The rejection??? that was number three. It's a bummer but part of the whole writing thing, yes? Madeline L'Engle got 20+ for 'A Wrinkle in Time' so it's not hopeless. At least I'm not giving up.

    Michael D: Science is every bit a part of artistry of history and lit and music. You just don't see it when you are looking at the numbers. It appears too much like math. But it really isn't!

  9. Hey there. Just stopped by to say that I'm a big fan of quantum physics and have incorporated some of it in my writing too. I like Query Tracker but have yet to be impressed with Writer's Market.

  10. You need a quantum mechanic for the player.


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