Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's January...

And I'm not getting much writing done on my WIP or blogging. The weather hasn't been too horrible-  moderately cold days peppered with very cold but we've had plenty of snow and apparently it's bringing out the wildlife in the broad daylight....
(sorry about the fuzziness of some of them but I took them through my windshield)
 Just a few yards from my car, this guy was checking out the area.
 Thought about heading in for a snooze...
 changed his mind
 and turned to head further down the road.
I hope the neighbors were keeping their cats and small dogs inside!


  1. They are pretty but I don't like to see them around the houses.

  2. Delores: I know, right? And it's not the first time I've seen a fox in this neighborhood although this was the most brazen.

  3. We don't see 'em, so I think they're just all-round cool!

  4. Trisha: Foxes are quite amazing. I love seeing them even though I know what happens to the family pets that cross their paths.

    Botanist: He was quite a poser too. I wish I had gotten better pictures. There was one really close up.. but his nose was cut off! damn!

  5. Replies
    1. It's a fox! With a spot of white on his tale. I wish I'd gotten his nose in the closest shot I took...

  6. Wow - an urban fox! Probably looking for food. Lovely shots of him/her.

    1. He was clearly oblivious to people. I was in my car, a few feet away and he wasn't even spooked by me or my car.

  7. Oh, he was beautiful! So exciting!


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