Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heaven, I'm in Heaven

The days grow longer with the changing season and Apollo is in all his glory, majestically charioting to and fro across the sky. He gazes down at the earth...

proudly inspecting the fruits of his labor: greening grass, flowering bud, and streaming flood. 
I bask in the Sun's embrace, my arms already browning from the amber warmth.  
 The cares of the week are behind me. The albatross of life's contracts forgotten. 
 Even beloved indoor activities have no pull. Sitting in the shadows of a door and four walls has no appeal.
Time to get outdoors, hike the hills, walk down bricked lanes and dig into earth, it's toasty chocolateness soothing, tranquilizing.
 The entertainment is tailored to suit the outdoor environment 
 and the strolling crowds are anxious to be pleased.
 The rhythm of the conga invites audience participation...
A celebration of the sun's trek toward it's zenith.

*Hi all! I haven't been getting much of anything done really: blogging, visiting you all and writing (this is about the most I've written for a week or so!) is taking the backseat as I head outside to enjoy our beautiful springtime weather. How about you? Are you finding the outdoors too tempting to get stuff done?


  1. So pretty! There's nothing quite like those first truly sunny days of spring and early summer. Pure joy! :)

  2. I can't wait for some outside weather.... in the meantime I'm happy for you that you are getting outside.

  3. You miss Danette have cabin fever and it is exploding all over your blog in outdoorsy whimsy! I can't blame you...same here! I long for the endless days of summer.

  4. I love this time of year too. We had such a fabulous Easter weekend, too, and did all sorts of outdoorsy things.

  5. Lovely shots and words... How I wish we had some warmth! It's still cold and wet over here and we're all stuck indoors, unfortunately.

  6. Most definitely. In my new (almost) house only outdoor projects get done lately.

  7. People shots are always so interesting because you always wonder: what are they thinking??

    I've had a bit of Spring Fever too. It's good to be outside again.

  8. I am no great fan of seasons, preferring year round summer but I wonder what it must be like to look forward to a change. My two colleagues at work haven't seen snow more than a dozen times between them. They don't seem to miss it.

  9. I like your idea of 'signing' all your photos. I should do that. Ya know, copyright and all that!

  10. Looks beautiful and wonderful where you are, Danette. We're still getting bouts of winter. Siiigh. But not unusual for us. We live in the shadow of the Cascades at a higher elevation. Last year is snowed on Memorial Day. We'll have nice days interspersed with the wretched though. Observatory opens in about 6 weeks. I look forward to that.

  11. Ah, you have sunshine! Lovely pics my dear, good to see people outside and enjoying themselves. We've got April showers in London, I miss the beach shack already!! Hope you are well my dear. * clink clink* xox

  12. Oh yes! We're finally having warm, sunny days in Japan and it's so wonderfully tempting. Enjoy!


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