Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Mother's Face

The month of August is a poignant one for me. It is, of course, the countdown to getting the kids back to school (which all of us experience- some with more joy than others). This year is my son's first year in high school so I have-- trepidations. 
It's also the month of my oldest's birthday and her birthday makes me feel old in a way that my own cannot. The whole experience makes me feel weary... 
and perhaps a bit perplexed.
 After all it seems just like yesterday that I was giving them their baths...
And watching over them as they explore the boundaries. 

Being a mother isn't easy, but it's satisfying.


  1. So very true! The vibrancy of the young always makes us feel old and yet, in some strange way, my kids keep me feeling younger too.

  2. Enjoy all of those moments. :)

    Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog about my mom. Much appreciated. xo

  3. Those are huge cats! Did you see the YouTube video of the cat in a zoo trying to eat the toddler through the glass? Incredible and frightening!

  4. Haven't stopped by for a while, so I'm seeing a new profile picture. Awesome "cat" photographs. And it's so true about "older" children making one feel older!

  5. Oh, bless. Totally hearing you. I feel old whenever I look at my little one, he's growing WAY TOO FAST! ;-) Hope your daughter has a fab birthday! xo

  6. Great photos. The researcher up at the observatory got a beautiful shot of a cougar over the window. It came right up to his door and didn't know he was there. He figured the cat couldn't see through the glass.

  7. I think my mum finds it weird that both her kids are now in their 30s. haha.


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