Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here we go!


It is the middle of September and it's time for the fourth(?) fifth(?) whatever! annual NaBloWriMo! All it is is simply blogging each day for the entire month. No pressure if you blow it a couple of times or even a bunch of times- just give it a go. I've met plenty of wonderful friends this way because as is customary on blogfests (even though this isn't technically CALLED a blogfest, it is really... a blogfest, that is) you try to get around to the other participant's blogs. If you want to sign up, just pop on over to the official NaBloWriMo site and send the organizer an email. She'll put your blog on the blogroll for the others to see when they check out who's posting. Then the only other thing to do is to wait around until the first of October and start blogging like mad!

Now this also coincides with my fourth anniversary blogging so I am going to spend the month in a special way...( not giving out prizes since I don't have any prizes to give out and I think I blew that last year anyway) which you will just have to wait to see. 

Even if you don't participate, I hope you all enjoy the month! (geez, where did September go? or the summer for that matter? I must be getting old...)  

Oh and here is my favorite sign which I share with you so that you can have a laugh on this coolish (at least it is here) September morning at the beginning of a new week...



  1. Oh, good luck dear lady! Pretty sure, you'll make it through! And I hope you are well. I've been busy with work this side of the pond, and getting back to normal after holidays. xo

  2. Good luck. I just don't have the time...

    Like your new layout!

    1. With two school kids, I understand, completely!

      Thanks for noticing. :)

  3. I think I'll give NaBlo a miss this year. Got too much catching up to do on other goals ;)

    1. Ah well, I'll miss you but I shouldn't be doing it either. If I didn't have a plan, I wouldn't.

  4. Danette,

    I am still laughing with THAT sign. I need to get a few to place around my neighborhood. TOO FUNNY!

    Four years blogging... WOW. That is so cool.

    So nice to see you yesterday. I am honored that you count me as one of your favs to visit.

    A month long of blogging. Are you guys doing your own A-Z challenge. LOL. I did it for April. These days I am lucky to do two posts a week. Just crazy busy.

    I will drop by to see what you have to say...

    FALL has arrived. WE have been in the low 80's all week ... NOW, for today, it is no 55 degrees! With a high of only 60 .... gotta love Chicago... NOT!

  5. There was Halloween stuff up yesterday. How is it the second half of September already?

  6. Funniest sign I think I've EVER seen! :)

  7. I love that sign - it'd make me smile each time I walked by it ;) haha.

    I tagged you, feel free to ignore or respond as preferred:

    Maybe save till Oct? hehe


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