Monday, October 15, 2012

If you must know...

I am just phonin' it in tonight (like I've done a few other nights/days recently- so what's new? What was I thinking to join NaBloWriMo this year? And yes, I am an overachiever.). I had a busy, labor intensive day. My shoulders and feet hurt- my ankles are swollen and even my ribs are sore. So this one is going to be a picture that I took recently that captures autumn for me this year (and every year)
I moved this flower outside to have it framed in gold...
(I should add as an addendum- it's not really phoning it in when I post pictures. I always takes me longer than I thought to select one, edit it, adding my name to the picture, etc. If I really wanted to phone it in, I'd tell you I was phoning it in and leave it at that, wouldn't I?)


  1. The flower is beautiful against the golden leaves.

  2. I love taking pictures this time of year. Somehow the fallen leaves always manage to take something incredibly ordinary and turn them into something extraordinary!


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