Friday, October 26, 2012

Just shoot me now!

I am a political junky. I listen to talk radio in the afternoon to get the latest on politics. I read several different political magazines to find out what is happening in the world but OMG! This feels like the longest political season ever and I am tired of this political football game -and that's what it is! The corporate media longs for this to be a neck and neck- down to the finish line- contest. Will Obama kick the football right between the uprights scoring the game winning three points or will Romney throw a hail mary to win with a touchdown? As a woman I could never (ever, ever, ever) vote for a Republican- not that abortion is the single issue I would ever vote for (or against) but the religious aspect of the far right candidates adds that extra ooomph to my opposition to the Republican party. But that doesn't mean I am enjoying this farce of a electorate season. I am tired of the non-response responses of politicians and worn out with the phone calls and the door knocking. So, with less than two weeks to go, I am happy to say  

and I don't have to worry about it anymore- except to make sure my vote registered.

I hope you vote too-- after all, no matter who you're voting for or what issues are at stake and which side of that issue you are on:
If you don't vote- they win!

Also, want to give the 'No... Thank you!-- Great Comments Award' to Judie at Miss Steps and Milestones. (btw: I added the "No... Thank you!" part and tweaked how I was giving it out but the award was originally given to me by Trish at Word + Stuff) I always her enjoy smiling face and her sense of humor Thanks for being a blogging buddy, Judie! 

Hope you stop by and give her a little congrats.  


  1. I stopped being a politics junkie because it just aggravates me. Still vote every election year, though. :-)

  2. completely concur, except for the part about voting. I'll be doing that on the 6th.


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