Friday, October 5, 2012

The elephant

What do you think about when you're at the zoo? I have begun to have a vague sense of guilt. I love seeing the huge Pachydermata strolling, casually pacing the green grass of my hometown, far from the lands he might have been born to (had she avoided the net that was cast when it was a wee calf or the trap that was set for it's mother and father.) 

But then that is why I have a sense of guilt. Is it pacing this small cage just for my (and your) pleasure? Is it wondering why it's body aches for the greener shores of a distant land? 

Maybe it just enjoys the larger and more comfortable grounds with plentiful peanuts and water. 

Today I'd like to recognize another of my great commenters... she's a published author-- has two children she's already launched and is in the process of waiting for the launch of another ('Hooked'- the one to the left). She's a native of the midwest but now resides in her adopted home of Phoenix, Arizona. The landscape and people have clearly imprinted on her consciousness as they have influenced at least one of her books quite directly. You can read about Liz's adventures as a writer at her blog and see more about her books at her website.
Her YA debut HOOKED releases from Harlequin TEEN in January 2013! Congratulations Liz and best wishes!!! 


  1. Going to the zoo always made me feel bad for the critters. Our local zoo has spent a lot of money to make their habitat more natural and that makes me feel better about the whole thing.

    I went with my son and grandbaby two years ago and gone are the days of lions and tigers pacing in too small cages. They have space that is as natural as possible and still be a zoo.

  2. I've always felt sorry for animals in captivity..whether it's a bird in a cage or a tiger in a's just not right.

  3. I always have mixed feelings about zoos. I hate seeing animals caged - especially those that should have a range from here to the horizon. On the other hand, some species are virtually extinct in the wild and only zoo breeding programs are keeping them going.

    Worst zoo experience: Seeing how bears were kept in Paris zoo - crammed into a deep and unadorned concrete pit with crowds peering over the railings down at them, gawking and jeering.

    Best zoo experience: Jersey zoo (Gerald Durrell Wildlife Trust) with its breeding and release program.

  4. Thanks so much for the mention, Danette! You're very kind. xo

    Regarding zoos, I'm always reminded of that TWILIGHT ZONE episode where the humans are the ones in the zoo on Mars. Anyway, Phoenix has a lovely desert zoo where animals are kept in their natural habitats. Still, it's never home.

  5. Liz is awesome, I totally agree! :)


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