Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Time is...
slippery when wet
a star jetting across darkened heavens
a snowflake weeping into the sidewalk
 ticking away (okay not that one)
water smoothing the surface of stone
the rings in a tree
a child's hand folded quietly in a mother's hand
lightning ripping the sky
breath on an ice-chilled window
the shadowing light
a tear snaking down a cheek
the golden leaf butterflying down to it's rest on the earth
my sigh 
 I'm thinking about renaming this the '"No... Thank you!" Award' I think it's appropriate to thank ALL (yes all- even if you're new I do thank you!) the commentors on my blog. They keep me going even when I don't want to go anymore. Like today
While I have her on my mind (I just read her blog) I want to introduce you to Sarah. She's a writer. And she has four little girls. And she's a writer.
Hope you say hello.
Thank you, Sarah! 


  1. Ooh! Snowflake weeping into the sidewalk... Lovely. Great imagery there. Now I'm off to meet Sarah.

    1. Thanks Crystal. I'll stop by soon, I promise!

  2. Slippery when wet... HA! And when dry or happy or sad or....

  3. Time is slippery when wet.
    Very nice. I like the snowflake weeping too.
    = )

    1. Thanks Judie. I started with that phrase in my head after reading Sarah's blog and I just had to see where it went.

  4. I love your poems. You have a way with words. Lovely.

    1. Ah geez, Michael. I appreciate that! I really do!!

  5. Where would we be without our commenters...really....what would be the point?

  6. Time is a weird thing. Sometimes you have so little of it, you have no time for friends, and weeks, months maybe even years later, you bump into an old friend, and you suddenly feel as if time has just stood still all this while.
    Nice re-meeting you.
    (In case, the name sounds unfamiliar, I was Rayna)

    1. I never forget a face and in your case, I haven't forgotten your name either. Always good to see an old friend.

  7. ohhh did you just know i would love your imagery here? i do, i really do. the snowflake weeping really got me. and -- THANKS for the introduction here :)

  8. Yay! Sarah's one of my all-time favorites!

    Love the imagery here. Lightning ripping the sky; so atmospheric!


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