Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whispers of time

Fall in all it's glory
 reminds us that Time
with it's inevitable
moves on day by day into and through
the next season
Reminding us 
that the flower's bloom is as fleeting as life itself
  and should be savored


  1. LOLOL. It's winter, Danette. Need to start getting in the mood for long nights, extremely cold days, and the color gray on everything.

  2. I can never get used to longer nights and cold days and the older I am the worse it gets. I just bide my time until springtime. I will admit however that I was a little surprised at your reaction until I reread and realized how maudlin I sounded. THAT is why we need editors - to remind us that sometimes what we thought we said, is not always what we actually said.


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