Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Bling

I finally gave in. I started a Pinterest site called-- (guess what?) There's a Place I Dream About (go figure). My Username is: Conchtobe (It's for continuity or... I have no imagination) It's for the purpose of pinning my photographs there and then linking them here. It appears it will work and for now I am satisfied. We'll see. I can also use my Onceupona Wordpress site and Meanderings of a Wandering Mind (blogger) for the same thing so it could be this is a waste of time- but I didn't waste too much time at it... so whatev. 

One can never have too much social networking sites I'm told until...

 there is no time in which to do thing that one is social networking for. 

Wait, is that a Catch-22?


  1. Wow - very nice bling!

    And good luck on Pinterest. I know I have no time for that so am keeping well away.

  2. I'll add you next time I log onto pinterest. It's been a while.

  3. Beautiful tree!
    I kind of decided to give pinterest a skip, because it felt like a big copyright risk to me.

  4. What a beautiful tree! I followed you on Pinterest. I've been on there awhile.

  5. Great picture - love the Christmas bling!

  6. Pinterest?! Step away from the computer!! Major time-suck. ;-)

    I will follow you there. And your tree is beautiful.

  7. Pinterest is so much fun for posting swoon-worthy images. Especially of food and the great outdoors... Love your header photo!

  8. Hahaha. Well, as long as you enjoy it!! I'm still loving tumblr. Have a wonderful festive season, my friend and I hope Santa is very good to you. * clink clink* Txo


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