Friday, June 28, 2013

Random morning pictures and whose got life?

This morning I walked out of the house to find the baby bunny right next to the plants in the backyard.
My experience is that baby bunnies are a less gun-shy than the older bunny so I was able to get pretty close to the wee Guy. 
Well I took a series just in case... the first furthest away and then finally I was just about 3 feet or less away.
But I guess if I had to go through what a bunny did to survive (cats, dogs, foxes, cars, hawks, poisons, etc) I'd be slightly skittish too. 
And for all that, humans do get skittish. They just do it in their own human ways.

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Saint-Exupery's birth (born 1900). While I am not a great fan, I was looking for content for our "Today in history..." on the schedule I make each day and the quote struck me as noteworthy. After all, it is not my great love of the well structured sentence that keeps me writing (even when I'm not writing a lot) but the love of adventure and imaginings that keep me pressing onward. A well turned phrase is delightful but set amidst dull story telling, the phrase is a shiny bobble on a bland tree. This is not limited to writing obviously so I needn't go on- the analogy with ship-building, while no longer relevant to today is quite metaphor-full so it's better than mine.
Have a great weekend!
"We are all standing at the station. The train is always leaving and the soul checks it's watch and wonders if its his time to go." -Cole, character in Key West, episode: Act of God.


  1. St Exupery is a bit, how can i be polite? - flowery perhaps but I credit him with instilling in me the desire to see the desert. And as far as rabbits go I/m glad there arent any of those pests in the Keys. Iguanas are bad enough at eating my plants.

  2. Love the bunny and I wouldn't mind a bit if I saw more here. Also gorgeous header pic!

  3. St. Exupery - I love his writing and well-turned phrases.

    Lovely shot of that tiny bunny.

  4. That little bunny is adorable and I love your quote.

  5. Humans are very skittish. Just look at the Fear and Greed index of the stock market. Someone farts in China and the damn thing tanks and the Dow loses 140 points.

  6. I love bunnies. We have the hugest jack rabbits in the desert. I saw one last week that was as big as a kangaroo.

    I love that quote from Cole, Key West. That spoke to me.

    P.S. Thanks for your comment about vacations on my blog, Danette. I'm sorry your vacay memories were less than memorable. Families are strange, aren't they? They can drive us crazy. Hugs to you, girlfriend.

  7. Cute bunny, he looks very comfortable, early morning snooze? Hope you're having a good week, my dear! Happy summer days to you, filled with lots of bubbly and smiles!! XO

  8. Never heard of St Exupery!

    Cute baby bunny :) I hope he was okay!

  9. That bunny is cuteness personified!

  10. It's a nice quote. And, awww, on the bunny. The little guys are more likely to race my car than the older ones. I have to be careful at the bottom of the mountain on my way home. That's where they congregate.

  11. You got really close to that bunny. We get wild ones in our yard now and then.

  12. Little bunnies are less gun shy. And so cute! :)


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