Monday, October 7, 2013

wild beauty

Flowers have been modified in many ways to suit our modern tastes for beauty. I love the many variety of roses at the florists and the diversity of orchids that are available at my local market but I am most astounded by the delicacy of the wild cactus flower.


  1. Some flowers are amazing! A colleague went into the bush the other weekend and said she just loves the Australian flora - twig-like sticks standing straight up in the air, with a beautiful, intricately-formed flower on the end :)

  2. So true - nothing beats the beauty of Nature!

  3. I agree. I collect orchids and love them, but they don't come close to walking through the fynbos that's indigenous to our soon-to-be-purchased farm. :-)

  4. I lived in Arizona when I was a kid and the cactus is just an all around cool plant.


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