Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Limbo...

If you've gotten to my post "News Flash, Newshound" from September 27 you already know that I don't really do anything. Not any REAL work anyway in spite of the work that I might have previously pictured here in my blog on August 15 "A day in the life of...". I learned via the New York Times that I it was all a figment of my very vivid imagination, that in fact I am just sitting around waiting for my hefty pension to come in (at retirement) and that I, like Jed Clampett can then load up my truck and move to Beverly "-- Hills that is, swimmin' pools, movie stars."


Meanwhile here in Denver (or the REAL world) we sit on pins and needles awaiting the city's decision about the 2011 budget cuts. For the past several years we have had hiring freezes, unpaid furloughs, and wage freezes. As our comrades-in-arms have retired or moved on, positions have been left unfilled and our various branches understaffed. As the mayor pressed cutting back on hours on the "anchor" branches -Central, Hampden (mine), Schlessman, & Bear Valley- we (and when I say "we" I mean they- my boss and her bosses not me) begrudgingly admitted we might need to close the extra hours to have enough people in the building. So plans were made, hours have been spent (and people, not me, get paid for all this mind you!) figuring things out, working out how this will happen, what will happen, when it will happen!

And then yesterday we read in the paper:
The Denver City Council wants Mayor John Hickenlooper to reconsider proposed cuts to hours of operation at recreation centers and libraries.

The council met Monday and agreed to ask the mayor to find alternative ways to trim the budget. The mayor, in his proposed 2011 budget, reduced spending on libraries and recreation centers by a combined total of about $850,000.

Those cuts were just part of his strategy in overcoming a $100 million budget deficit for next year.

General-fund operating expenditures are projected to be $896.6 million next year. Instead of slashing library and recreation-center hours, the council wants the mayor to consider cutting expenditures required to place police officers in Denver schools and administrative costs for a public arts program.

"Over the next week we'll continue to have ongoing discussions," said R.D. Sewald, the mayor's director of legislative services.

Read more: City Council wants cuts in library, rec-center hours reconsidered - The Denver Post

Now the hassle of getting our forty hours at other branches besides our own is going to be considerable and I am not unhappy that they might want to keep us open so that we can keep things they way they are. And it is most certainly going to be nicer for our customers. But it would be nice for someone to make a decision and STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH OUR LIVES!

(pictured above: the display I put up today)


  1. Danette, I just looked through your tumblr blog - what a great job you've done! You're obbiously a huge fan of the show - is your book based on the same sentiment?

  2. My book is based in Key West and has a meta-fiction element. My S.O. has a book based on the literary elements in the show and has done extensive research and interviews from the show and the people connected with the show. Which explains some of my KW blog-- he's had a big impact in my life! :)


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