Tuesday, October 5, 2010

That's Mrs. Bitch to you!

There are certain places where this sign is apropos to both sexes-- Key West is one of those places. So when the owner of the house peered out from the porch I wasn't surprised to see it was a man. I was disappointed however to hear him say, "It's not my sign." Oh well, it's still a great sign!  


  1. He puts up a great sign like that, the least he can do is own up to it. But maybe it is REALLY not his sign.

  2. He said it was there before he lived there and that was believable enough- you can see that it is pretty rusty. He could have said he inherited it though- He gets bonus points for not tearing it down.

  3. Hi Danette:) So glad you found my blog, because I'm over the moon to have found yours! I've wanted to go to Key West since I was a little girl - so we have something in common:) I used to watch the short lived Fox show "Key West" when I was small, and I sometimes wonder if Seamus (the MC) is the reason for why I started writing. He's what I want to be, you know?

  4. You'd probably enjoy my blog on the show! http://keywesttv.tumblr.com/ I'm probably going to use some NaBloWriMo time to catch up on that blog too! And you would love Key West! I know I do (obviously)!!!! :)

  5. *snort laughter* I'd park there and dare him to say otherwise.


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