Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Growing up

This morning: The mouse said, "Why can't we (in the USA) spend more money curing cancer? Why do we spend so much money on war?"
Is there an answer to that that I can contain in the three-five minutes before I drop him off at school?

This afternoon: The mouse me said he has to avoid saying words with "C" in them because they make his voice squeak. "I can't say "Ameri-c-a" or "se-c-ond" he worries.
 Perhaps it is a fluke," I point out, "not so much the word as the fact that you are thirteen now."
"Maybe. But it's weird to just say something and have it come out like that."
And there's no answers to that either really-- it's just being thirteen


  1. Now if that is not one adorable boy. Or am I not allowed to call 13 year olds adorable?

    And let's hope that by the time he starts being able to say cancer without his voice squeaking, we would be spending more money on that.

  2. You can call him adorable- although maybe not to his face. Boys at that age... lol.
    As for curing cancer... Indeed I hope we can get closer to finding the cure for cancer and spend less on war! And it would be great if it happened before his voice finished changing. Doubtful bit great.


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