Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday extravaganza

Having mentioned the birthday, the pictures need to be posted before the boy is able to drive so... 
Having had a warmer than average October, the first Sunday of November (the day before Mack's actual day of birth) was as bright and sunny as the boys' smiling faces. 
Rudy is a neighborhood friend
We rounded up the party and headed off for fun-- or perhaps to be sick if one were to judge by Tristan's face. 
Tristan is Mack's best friend of the last four years

It all becomes a blur from here because the games move fast and furiously. 
Nickel-A-Play: Kids play old fashioned arcade games for a nickel some are even free. ($3.50 entry per kid)  
I somehow see trouble on the face of my son here-- speeding tickets in his future possibly??? 

Only two years until he starts driving- you have no idea how that strikes fear in the heart of a parent who has already taught two kids to drive...

Tristan has tickets pouring at his feet. Clearly this is a winner- time to call over the troupes.   

Nickels at the ready, they're going for prizes and this is where I exit to let them go to it....

Having pooled their resources (not having been properly raised apparently to know that this is really Socialism and Socialism in all it's forms is only a step away from Communism and Communism is from the Devil!) the boys split the booty three ways.

Lots of prizes and bunches of tickets with three boys means a lot of decisions have to be made so it takes a while to get it all figured out. 

As I stand nearby watching and taking pictures, it seems like we've stumbled onto the Island of Misfit Toys and I feel sorry for those toys that just sit there  (or hang there as the case may be) waiting to be chosen but never are. It almost compels me to play a game or two...  

Alas, I am lousy at arcade games and rarely get a decent score at pinball so I shall leave that to the boys and if all they can manage is to win themselves a bobble head dog or a piece of candy...

 then the Misfit Duck or Goose or Swan or whatever he is, will have to wait for another day when some soft hearted soul takes this ugly duckling home to roost. 
blurry picture so you could get a closeup of the Misfit

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