Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't call me a super hero just yet!

Circulation Clerk for Denver Public Library by day...
Writer by night...
Intrepid Photographer whenever I get the opportunity...
So for those of you new to my blog-- I combine my love of photography with my writing as often as possible. I hope you enjoy... 

Forty-five minutes from our front door (depending on how sardine-like the highway is) lies the liberal mecca of Colorado... Boulder. Boulder is well known for it's progressive policies in these parts-- maintaining their open spaces whilst Denver was expanding and growing, almost exploding while nearby Jefferson County would  have loved to have swallowed parts of Boulder County up into plans for FUTURE DEVELOPMENT! Boulder would have none of it, however, and many parts of the city remain quaint and old townish and the county itself is indeed, full of that shameful OPEN SPACE! It's a favorite place to visit, having the attraction that there are nearby rocks to climb (someday I'll tell you about my fear of heights!) and great bookstores and a lovely street shopping mall...
The Pearl Street Mall
The day we determined to head out, it turned out, was the near perfect day to hit the mall considering it was December and Boulder lies nestled next to the foothills and can be several degrees cooler and blusterier than it's big city counterpart. The sun was shining (YAY!!!) and we found parking a few blocks away without having to ask for a loan from the bank (YAY!!!!) (okay, I exaggerate... a little). Ostensibly we were Christmas shopping...
 but the temptations are too great. We can never pass up the opportunity to hit the great bookstores here. Besides we do buy books for the kids and each other (although to be honest I think the books had been purchased already)
After we made our purchases we were ready for some real shopping and we headed down the street.
There are many eye catchers as you walk past the eclectic residents of Boulder.
and Street Performers abound
but because it was December,
the most astounding thing caught my eye...
Purple Pansies coloring the flower beds in the center of the walkway. Pansies are one of my favorite flowers because of their hardiness and their lovely coloring-- if there were a flower that I could choose to be it might be a just that- recalling springtime and summer while the cold winds blow just above and though the snows might cover them for a while, they often manage to come out from under it unscathed. But I digress...
So off we went...Oops!
Well, waylaid a bit. This bookstore is also terrific and cannot be passed up. Just look at those lovely shelves, chalk full of just about any book you could wish to find! Most of my favorite authors are covered here-- Jeannette Winterson, Paul West, Italo Calvino... You name it, they probably have it! New or used. Don't these shoppers look excited? And here they are looking over books that have stood the test of time as well as looking for exciting new authors-- 
All right, now really it's time to get to some other shops. Lets make our purchases and head out-- there is so much to offer here....
Outside the bookstore, a sad looking gentleman is struggling to play a chord or two while singing a song that is I believe made up as he goes along. He was in rather better shape than some of the other homeless performers we saw that day... one guy's guitar was duct taped together so poorly that I wondered that it made any sound at all.  
The dirty little secret about progressive Boulder policies is that the city hands out tickets to "campers." This means that if your caught in your sleeping bag on public property, too bad for you! You'll be handed a ticket which you can't afford to pay to add insult to your homelessness.
Nearby, we stop at a favorite shop with home decor and gifts aplenty. Ann Taintor (I love her!) mugs, lip balms, napkins, sticky notes, you name it are all found here. This was a new one that I enjoyed:
Sleighbells are ringing and the day is getting short! There's a candy store nearby that is too die for!
They are noted for their retro style candies. You can buy Snickers or a Hersheys but why would you... 
when they have candy that you may not find anywhere else on earth?!?!?!
This guy doesn't know what to do with himself! 
Even I was at a loss when it was time to choose just one before we left the store...
Just ONE??? 
A favorite kitchen store with just about anything one might need for their culinary pleasure and we had hit the best of the best in Boulder for the day..
 Our free but time-limited parking was UP and we had to head back down the mall before we too contributed to the city's slush fund. 
But we'll be time it will most likely be for a more outdoorsy type activity- most likely involving those hills you see in the background and perhaps a tale or two about my fear of heights.  


  1. Wow, what a great tour guide! I'm all about quaint and old townish.

  2. Great pictures! I would totally be like that kid in the candy shop :)

  3. Nice tour of Boulder. My brother was married in Estes Park. That's some awesome epic scenery!

  4. Tara: It's hard to find quaint around here bit Pearl Street fits the bill! It's a great place to visit!

    Mo: Trust me, I actually bought more than one-- but I did limit myself to one s'more. It was SOOOOO delicious!!!

    Stephen: Can't go wrong with scenery in Boulder! Thanks for Following my blog!

  5. Great tour! Thank you for sharing with us. I think I could be stuck in those bookstores for a few hours, -no problem. ;) Happy New Year!

  6. Talei: They are both great bookstores but the second one has two floors and I only have pictures of one of the floors! It's fantastic! The kid's section is awesome as well.

  7. Awesome pics! I love to take photos, too.


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