Monday, January 3, 2011

Transcending earth

in some of the most memorable fiction or movies, the place, like Macondo the village in "One Hundred Years of Solitude," takes on a character of it's own

It has a life that transcends time. It is more than a communal dwelling where the inhabitants greet each other at the grocery store or hang out at the local coffee shop and gossip. The place becomes a character as full of life as the congregants who live there. Magical things happen that can't quite be explained and events in the "real" world seems as distant as Neil Armstrong strolling moonside. You can think about this place and you can dream of it, but you'll never completely capture the essence of the place that is beyond time- 
Unless, you are the Creator of that Place!   


  1. One of the reason that I love writing fantasy so much is that I get to invent other worlds. Nice post.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. You're right - and that photo is magical!

  3. Lovely picture! And I totally agree. The mark of a great book, to me, is one that creates a world I WISH I could visit and makes me a little sad that I can't anymore when the story ends... (unless of course, I read it again). :)

  4. The silouette of those trees reminds me of Seuss's fantastical creations! It is amazing to create our own worlds, isn't it? :)

  5. Nancy: I can totally see the attraction! It's why I am drawn to magical realism too but I think you can do it in straight fiction as well- Although it's harder- the magical has to be so subtle!

    LadyFi: Thank you! It was a magical morning!

    Donae Lee: Exactly!! As a kid I read the Narnia series over and over again (at least 7 times!!!) and I think I did the same with "The Wrinkle in Time" series. As an adult, the main book I think about is Lawrence Durrell's Alexandrian Quartet. Alexandria has a life of it's own and I now want to visit there!

    Susan: And all we have to do is open up our minds to the possibilities! Thank you for your comment!


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