Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The lie I told...

SPOILER ALERT: If you are here to read the challenge, I mistakenly linked to my blog in my haste to figure out what I was going to write and missed Rachael's directions to link the post so click here  to get to CHALLENGE #1!.

A flutter of paper-white wafer
quietly filtering onto the ground
the single flake quietly
evanescing into earth 
to be quickly followed
by another and another
until the air is aswarm with alabaster crystals
Quietly they find their way 
to where the earth cradles the white flakes 
producing a dappled landscape 
until the browns of winter are asphyxiated, 
leaving behind a stifling blanket of white. 
The hold of darkness is released and the earth glows, 
producing an ethereal beauty that can be felt 
in the silence of the soul. 
Artists and poets attempt to capture the somber beauty 
but their efforts fall short 
resulting in a copy of very poor relief.

With the ascending sun 
the broadcast of school closings! 
the Silence is broken. 
A collective shout for joy is heard 
among the children of the community 
as they anticipate a day full of adventure... 

But to my older, weatherworn frame
with the snow 
comes temperatures that benumb the bones
and freeze the toes
days are short 
and the SAD days of the past are fought off with an effort
The roads are afright 
and the traffic's a terrible plight
in spite of the beauty  
or the poetic nature of the fluffy whiteness that bedecks the
trees outside my window 
I will tell you
Lisa Potts did indeed get it correct! As did Anonymous who shall remain anonymous... 

P.S. to all those who guessed Einstein... Einstein's name was used for creative license only so you weren't wrong obviously I could not literally argue with Einstein as he is a dead man unless I am a medium and channel him (which I am not and do not!). But I do have an annoying habit that if I feel that I am right about something, I will not let it go, I will argue about it (and I will research it to find out if I am right to make sure- if I am wrong, however, I generally admit to my incorrectitude).

P.S.S. to any who guessed stage fright-- you are right, I do not. I was not describing stage fright but rather a quirk that I have- I am a singer and I visualize the sheet music in my head as I sing. However if I lose my place while I am singing I am doomed! I have to start over or stand there completely speechless-- which has happened a few times to my embarrassment!!!

P.S.S.Yes, I do go a little blotto over an unfinished puzzle. I enjoy doing them so much that we have to make rules in the house to leave it alone or I'd sit and finish a puzzle in no time. I guess that's a sort of secret. I haven't ever told anyone that before although it's known in our household. My darling Mo makes me promise not to finish the puzzles while he's out if I'm home alone.   


  1. Creative as always! I don't do big puzzles anymore. I had a stand off with one about five years ago, and got really frustrated when I couldn't seem to finish :)

  2. I don't like snow either. I like the look of it and the idea of it but i hate the coldness and the inconvenience it causes. Fun answers to the challenge. :O)

  3. I love snow, but that might be because I don't see it often enough.


  4. You really capture the beauty of winter snow and the excitement of kids... I can't agree with your last verse though as I do love winter and snow - well, as long as it's not too much snow!

  5. Jess: Thanks! I'm a little nuts about the puzzle thing, I know!

    Madeline: If I didn't have to drive so much I think it wouldn't be quite so bad! I drive my son 13 miles to school and the 13 miles to work each morning and in the snow it's treacherous!!!

    Misha: Most people do like snow! and I like pictures of it-- just not being out in it!

    Lady Fi: The real problem is that I suffered from Seasonal depression for many years and couldn't function for much of the winter. The cold drags me down to a pretty sad state. I don't get that down anymore but it's still a hard time. Snow is mostly symbolic of cold more than anything.

  6. Yay! I finally guessed one right.

    I love snow, but we don't get it that often so I can understand your hating the white stuff.

  7. I can love the snow if I don't have to go out in it. We just got three more inches after having 60 degree weather for a week. Argh. It is pretty but yuck. I'm ready for spring already! :D

  8. I really think your 'revealing the lie' post is one of the classiest I've seen!

    Not a big fan of cold winters myself.


  9. Ah, I fully understand why you are fed up with the snow! Let's hope you get some sun and birdsong to encourage you as you wait for spring.

  10. Regina: It's that crazy time of year isn't it? Hard to adjust to any weather!

    Adina: Thank you!

    Lady Fi: Thank you and yes, some signs of spring are already popping up so I will be blogging on it soon- as soon as I feel I can relax a bit. Usually March when the days are longer.


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