Monday, July 25, 2011

On the mountaintop...

Come sit with me, my friend
with pen and paper we shall sit
and from such views we shall write
wondrous tales of
Crossing the harsh Rocky Mountains in the dead of winter,
     skeletons along the way their stories untold

Lovers reunited after months of parting
Elves and trolls dwellings beneath the rocks & leaves
Wild Bill Hickok's hidden paths
A timeless village where the people do not age
Or aliens visiting humans and whispering of the stars and other planets and how time shifts
       as they move from one galaxy to the next...
Come sit with me and let's imagine... 
what do you dream of in your mind's eye from the mountaintop?


  1. Ooh! That gave me goosebumps!

    I learned long ago that you don't need a mountaintop to gain a lofty view. Where I used to live there were no mountains, but near my home were several wide & sandy beaches with outcrops of rocks exposed at low tide. I often walked across the beach, and the sand became a lapping ocean, those shelves of rock were whole continents. I flew over them, seeing rivers, lakes, and valleys in the lines and pools in the rock.

    Does that make me weird? :D

  2. Lovely writing!

    I tend to dream of flying off the mountain top when presented with a glorious view.

  3. Great poem !

    Imagining myself on a mountain top...I would just feel at peace, taking deep breaths...feeling the connection with the Universe and Earth.

    It is interesting that even though I am normally the kind of person who is always "dreaming of something" as in some place elsewhere or whatnot..when I'm in nature and reach the above mentioned connection with my surroundings, I feel totally content and in the moment. No need to dream of anything else. Hummmm....maybe I should move out to the wilderness in my search of peace of mind :)

  4. *Deep breaths*

    These mountains remind me so much of the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, one of my most favorite places on earth. When I see these mountains, I can breathe, think, and live more clearly.

    Thanks, Danette. I needed this pic and your poem today. :-)

  5. Oh, wonderful and very endearing! I love the Elves and tolls dwellings...

    I dream about LOVE of course, fairytale romances and lord, everyone being happy. Le sigh.

    *big clinks* Fabulous poem, my friend! I'd happily sit next to you on your mountaintop there. It looks stunning. x


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