Thursday, August 11, 2011

Death and Politics in the real world

At a time when there are riots and social unrest all over the world, including London (and if you don't think it has anything to do with the economic situation, read this) I think it's time to try something new-  Real Change.

 While the right has tried to characterize him as a typical politician, this is a man who cares deeply about the environment and the working class people of this country. He cares enough to fight for it despite what it might cost him.
Al Gore for President!
 I will vote for him! How about you?


  1. Al for President, eh? Well, he won the election once before, why not again?

    Just kidding, politics tends to get too personal for me to really talk about how I feel, but rest assured, I think anyone who is a career politician is probably a sociopath.

  2. I'm not American so I can't vote for him. But I totally would if I could!

  3. I'd even vote for him as Prime Minister of the UK!

  4. I'm in the UK so it doesn't apply to me. So who is considered the all time best US President so far then?

  5. Rusty: Don't think you can consider Al Gore a career politician since he hasn't been in politics for the last twelve years. Read this: or if you want to hear how passionate he is about this issue you can watch him on Youtube. The right acts as though it's a gotcha moment but he's right on!

    Trish: right on!

    LadyFi: He'd be awesome!

    Madeline: Well, depends on which party you are affiliated with generally but Abraham Lincoln generally ranks right up there as a top candidate.

  6. Hi Danette!
    You know (this coming from the conspiracy girl -- imagine that) there are those who say that Al is nothing more than another spoke in the wheel of copporate propaganda and that he is simply at the top of an elaborate ponzi scheme to generate real dollars from not-so-real issues. (Not that I subscribe to the 'not-so-real' theory, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to accept that our climate is changing)but I just thought I'd toss that out there. (Love the mountain scene btw, anything looks better than Texas right now!) :)

  7. He actually was our president. It's just the Republicans pulled a fast-one on the whole nation and stuffed George W. in his place. And now are country is financially ruined because of it.


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