Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A secret garden...

Sometimes it feels as though I have found a secret place that has been, if not untouched, unspoilt by humans. The sounds are all of nature: bees humming, birds coohooing, trees whispering and a breaking limb as a lithe creature steps gingerly through the undergrowth...

when I round the corner I surprise the creature so that she looks toward me uncertain what to think of my noisy passing and whispered excitement. She stares for some time. I thought at first she would quickly dart off but it was actually some time before... 
  She wearies of the photo shoot, tired of having her afternoon refreshment interrupted and, perhaps, ready for a siesta in a quieter spot, darts off into the trees.


  1. How did you get so close to the deer to take a pic and not have it run off? Witchcraft I say!


    I saw your comment on my blog about losing a follow. I don't think that you would have lost any follows Danette. I love visiting your blog :) And your comments are so dead-on-the-money.

    A deer story==> Driving home from Salt Lake City one night (it was really late and winter) I just happened to have my high-beams on but was tired and cruising at 75 on the interstate. My high-beams caught something way up ahead and so I hit the brakes and lo and behold...there were like five deer standing right there on the interstate. I got so close to them they looked at me through the glass of my driver's side window. It was kind of eerie because it was so late at night and I kept thinking if I'd not had my high-beams on, I would never have seen them in time. It was pure luck really.

  2. Lovely... I think these creatures are one of God's most gentle and beautiful.

    How fortunate to have the opportunity to have a close up view...

  3. Nice photos. I love running into wildlife when I'm out. Excepting maybe skunks. :)

  4. Oh wow - fabulous!

  5. maybe she was waiting some pearls of wisdom to fall from your excited lips - like how to live the good life when sporting four legs - or a personal philosophy of the untamed wilderness!!!! beautiful photos - thanks for post

  6. Michael O: definitely witchcraft! lol. Actually the deer around here are too used to people and aren't terribly concerned with a couple of hikers unless they get too close.Oh and thank god you didn't hit the deer on the side of the road! My kid's dad did that one time and the car was a disaster! Some folks can have totaled cars after hitting deer.

    Michael D: It was such fun! I was very fortunate!

    LadyFi: I made sure and took my time to get the shot. Thanks!

    MPAX: It's terrific, isn't it? And a skunk would be a bit smelly. lol

    Alberta: She was a beautiful creature!

  7. Oh, beautiful. Deer ARE such beautiful creatures. There are many such places in Virginia country, too, where we can see them, especially up north from us a ways where one of my closest friends lives.

    And thanks for your support, Danette. I just sent you an email.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets


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