Friday, October 21, 2011

Fighting dragons

He's brave, this one, fighting ancient beasts from time beyond time
Staring into hungry eyes and smiling
it is as though death were not a daggered tooth away.
He backs away slowly knowing that fleet of foot he might be
but the monster's prowess as hunter is legendary.
It is not with muscle and speed that victory (if indeed victory is to be had) will be won this day.
He casts a glance backwards,
plotting checkmate
one steps sideways, quick step back and back and back, quick step back. Sidestep rightways.
Do the hustle
life and death style
The monster steps forward, taunting, teasing, sneering,
Sniffing in the small fry bite size snack
The heel of Achilles in this one is confidence as he moves forward
unaware of the pit between himself and his prey.
He steps confidently forward jaws open to take his first bite
only to find his foot slipping, sliding, tumbling
A final roar as his body
falls into oblivion


  1. I'm still a huge fan of JURASSIC PARK. I saw it in Year 8 at age errr, 12 or 13...and I still love it today at age 31! hehe

  2. Hehehehe cleverly written. I would have loved to read a bit more of the situation though. ^_^

  3. Wonderful poem! Brain beat brawn every time.

  4. Trish: My son love JP too as does my beau. They enjoyed the museum trip immensely. And it's a great exhibit! You'd love it!!! The T-Rex can see you (you can see what it's seeing on a TV screen) and you almost wonder if it will come after you!

    Misha: I may do more with this... we'll see. My son just read it and liked it. If he gets into it maybe I'll talk it through with him.

    Thanks LadyFi! It was fun to write and I thought my son would enjoy the idea that he would defeat and T-Rex and I was right!


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